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Great achievement.

You have succeeded greatly in what you set out to do. With a lack of facial expression and casual body language, the subtleties of your characters personalities are hidden and we instead rely on their actions and postures to relate, giving them a much greater impact. The classic old-time silent film atmosphere has been captured and recreated skillfully, adding to the films overall character and charm. I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions during the movie, which is something I'd very much doubt would have happened had your characters been the typical young adults glaring at each other over a ball.

A stellar performance.

This movie is one of the most well done

Movies I have ever seen. I actually began to feel fear creeping in. The words established the atmosphere so well - usually they are of poor grammar and structured very poorly but yours was exceptional. The graphics were pretty good, and they flowed smoothly. I don't watch very many horror or supernaturally-themed movies and I was still very impressed with this!

Vyleside responds:

Wow, thanks for that! I will be doing more movies, and I hope you enjoy them just as much.

Confusing, Yet Touching

First of all, GREAT choice of music. Really set the mood. The graphics were of terrible quality, but went well with the style of your movie. The "Problems In Love" theme displayed in this movie has been often used, but not much in Newgrounds (as far as I know). Nothing is really ever explained, there is no storyline, yet we are left wanting to know just what happened and what will happen. A very successful Flash in my opinion, well done.

Osciroft responds:

Mr_James, thank you, the graphics were that bad huh? Well I guess I will definetly have to work on that. Thanks for the review.

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One problem

When you roll the dice after the initial roll, it takes the answer in the box as your answer for your newest roll... if that makes sense. Basically, you don't have an opportunity to have a proper guess at any of the rolls after your first one.

Otherwise it was an ok game. I didn't figure out the formula, but that's because I don't have much patience for these sorts of things.

ssjskipp responds:

Yeah, I fixed that now, thanks for pointing it out :)

I liked it

Even thought it was basic, I still enjoyed it.

Oh and btw,

You Clicked all the blocks in 5.816 seconds

ok ok, I admit it... ur a freak!

*smiles in glee*


I was expecting mroe outta this. I'm not sure what it was lacking though. Great effort on making this. I'm sure your next one will be even better!

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